Industrial dehumidifier

  • Industrial dehumidifier

    Industrial dehumidifier

    We have more than 20 years of experience from manufacturing condensing dehumidifiers for different purposes. The designs are tried and trusted and offer exceptional reliability. This makes for reliable operation and easy maintenance. All exposed parts are adapted for the aggressive environment encountered in a drying chamber, for example. Among other things the evaporator is built from stainless steel tube. More effective than flanges and easier to keep clean. Drip-trays are also stainless, all to give a superior service life. The same principle as a heat pump. To convert water in the timber to water vapour requires a great deal of energy. In a condensing dehumidifier you get back most of it in the form of heat. In addition to the total output recovered as heat, each litre of water dehumidified corresponds to 0.7 kW heat. No unnecessary heat is aired out in a process using a dehumidifier. The same air circulates the whole time, making the method easy to control and very energy efficient.

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